DARK FEMININE guided meditation 💋

DARK FEMININE guided meditation 💋

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This is a spell in an audio. Quite literally. It is a guided manifestation (meditation) that was channeled from my soul and will make u feel like the most confident feminine goddess to walk this earth!! The people you desire and the opportunities you are trying to attract will come to you EFFORTLESSLY with this dark feminine meditation. Subliminals were added for a BOOST, so your subconscious mind will literally reprogram itself 🥵

this is for those who want to:

-step into their dark feminine to attract their desires with ease and effortlessness

-manifest their dream life by the snap of a finger

-stop chasing things & attract them instantly with ur energy

-manifest a specific person--> manifest an ex back, manifest a crush, manifest a celebrity, manifest somebody to adore you & give u princess treatment

-manifest people to be under ur dark feminine spell ✨

-manifest EXTREME confidence, beauty & power


⚠️This meditation will draw in 5-star treatment from the universe and any person to cross your path. All your wishes may come true, so be careful what u wish for and use this meditation with caution! ⚠️